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Lesbian Parenting... 
02:38pm 01/07/2006
  In the case of lesbian parenting,
how would the kids distinguish verbally between the moms?

One mom is "Mom" and the other "mommy?"

So far, i have seen gay parents use "dad" and "pappa", or something along those lines, but when it comes to parenting with two women, the names run a little short.
Does anybody have any ideas on what to teach the children to say?


am i a Lipsticklesbo? 
03:36am 18/04/2005
  hover your mouse over each pic to see what i had to say about em...i can't figure out how to make it a caption lol

one old, two newCollapse )

the info said one, but i used three for the hell of it...hope you like! =)
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Am I a Lipsticklesbo? 
02:09am 28/01/2005
  Here are a few recent pictures of me.

me.Collapse )

I <3 google image search :) 
11:19am 25/12/2004
mood: hyper

x-posted in ikissgirls
Am i a lipstick lesbian? 
11:43pm 05/12/2004
  This is yours truelyCollapse )  
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Am I a Lipsticklesbo? 
03:28am 04/12/2004
mood: complacent
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am i a lipstick lesso 
03:55pm 21/11/2004


<img src="http://www.fotoheap.com/image.php?on=974&an=1188&in=9206&t=i"> i dont think my LJ cut is working :(

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am i a lipstick lesbian? 
03:52pm 21/11/2004
  <IMG src=Collapse )  
Am I a Lipsticklesbo? 
02:19am 20/11/2004

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Am I a Lipsticklesbo? 
01:49am 20/11/2004
  i commented to a member's post before reading the rules, im hoping that doesnt get me banned. id be happy to delete the comment if you like.
a few, because im not so sure which will show up properlyCollapse )
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Am I a lipstick lesbo? 
09:08pm 08/11/2004
mood: bouncy

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am i a lipsticklesbo? 
11:34am 08/10/2004

Hey!! I'm new and thought I'd say hello!! I'm 17 and I live in Florida.

If you need help with the HTML I can help out a bit if you let me know what you wanna do with this. I know a lot about HTML, but I don't know everything...lol You can look at my journal if you want.  I change the layout of it weekly. : )

I've also done the layouts for:



Me : )Collapse )

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Am I a lipstick lesbian? 
10:19pm 25/09/2004
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femme issues 
01:32am 21/09/2004
mood: curious
I fear that this community is dying and that makes me sad because it started out really well.
Anyway- I was wondering how you ladies feel about the stigmas of being a 'lipstick lesbian,' or 'femme.' Personally, It annoys me that most people assume I'm straight when they meet me/see me because of my appearance. For example, I had a regular customer come into work the other day asking me if I would date her son. I felt really odd/uncomfortable telling this woman that I was seeing a woman. -Or maybe I'm just not as comfortable with my sexuality in the public eye as I thought?-
Another thing that really irks me is when straight guys ask if they can watch you make out/have sex with other girls. I work with this kid who is constantly harassing me about finding another girl so he can watch us. The thought of this makes me terribly sick! :(
I also get annoyed with the guys at work who make bets that I'm really bi or that they will be the one to 'break me in'
-ughhh that's so nasty.
Does anyone else here have these problems being a very feminine lesbian?
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04:42pm 14/09/2004

Just wanted to let you guys know what was out there...


drop_a_stone  - a community for us gay gals trying to lose a few pounds ;)


suntanlotion9  - a community for lesbian, bisexuals, gays in florida or south florida.

come, join, love, be merry!


10:46pm 08/09/2004
mood: sleepy
lipstick or chapstick?Collapse )

If you try to check my journal, youll see its empty. I just created this name, but I'm not new to lj. I've had another name over a year. I can definitely help with html, since I'm a big dork like that.
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01:01pm 07/09/2004

Hello everyone!

Well, if anyone out here is like me, I'm trying loose a few pounds before the holidays come around and I put a few more back on.

Anyways, I started a community called drop_a_stone for those lesbians like me out there who are trying to drop a few pounds.

Come, be merry, meet people and love yourself!

xoxo - Marti

am i a lipstick lesbo? 
02:56pm 31/08/2004
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08:31pm 30/08/2002
mood: frustrated
hey all. im guessing id fit into the category of a lipstick lesbo since majority of the time im mistaken as a straight chick. i mean its not like i dont make it obvious!! its just that ppl assume that if your a lesbian you have to act like one and dress like one... pfft...well how dare anyone out there, in society or the gay scene, make me feel inferior just because of the way i appear. for a long time when i first came out, i was made to think that being a fem was a disadvantage to me. no girls wanted to approach me because they either felt too intimidated or figured id be straight or bi curious etc. i have since realized and accepted that @ least im an individual. here in brisbane, australia, there arent many lipstick lesbians, and the ones that are usually give into the pressure of not fitting in. i know i dont fit into the stereotypical categories and im over trying! but just some words of advice, clothes don’t dictate someone's personality; the world is just a stage and we're all in costume. i think everyone needs to lighten up and stop being judgmental and discriminative!! Where's the fun in being a puppet anyway?!
hmm...sorry about my rambling its just that i needed to express this and i figured that @ least someone in this community would be able to relate with me...well i hope so...lol
anywho...things to do, people to see....
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09:10pm 27/08/2004



Hi!  My name is Kat.  I look really bad in these pictures, but they're all I got right now.  I'm new to this community and hope yall like em anywayz.  I am soon to be 18 years old and I live in Virginia, the city, not the country, if yall couldn't tell.  But anywayz, have a nice night :P

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